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28 FEB


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What's happening?


Welcome to the world of Reality Rhyming, where the simple question is posed, "If your life was a poem, what would it say?".  Sounds pretty easy, but in fact, writing about your own life or even someone else's can be one of the most difficult things you ever do, especially acoustically, making it rhyme, adding only personalized elements throughout and of course, formatting it with prestine symmetry.  Nothing like designing the perfect gift, right?  Well, I couldn't have it any other way!


So in a nutshell, that's why you have me, Todd, to help ya out so that I can create for you not just a rhyme, a poem or even a personalized gift, but more importantly, an empowering emotional experience which is nothing less than an expression that will last a lifetime!  Sounds much better than a rhyme huh?  Well guess what, it is!


I don't want to bore you with politically correct babble on here, but I will tell you this... I'm flattered that you've taken the time to come here to experience what could be the most appreciative and special gift you've even given anyone, period!  Of course, I want you to buy something, but more importantly, I want to inspire you, your family, your friends and your loved ones!  I want to create something memorable from the heart that will make you (and especially the recipient) forget about life for awhile.  Let me transport you to a time and place that only I can!  Let me take you not on a rhyme, but a journey!


Long story short, as I've already gone on way too long, I'd like you to think of me as your friend and to let me create the most awesome gift ever!  When I say awesome, I mean, not only is the gift going to be awesome, but you're going to feel awesome giving it!  I got ya, don't worry, I won't let ya fall... I mean, really, buying a gift shouldn't be that hard, should it? 


Thanks again for visiting and remember, "If your life was a poem, what would it say?"... and oh, let's not forget, "If your pet's life was a poem, what it say?"... Yes, they're part of the family too!  




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